Helen has enrolled for further learning on Running Repairs Online course.

The course is a pathway for great assessment and treatment of running injuries, incorporating the latest evidence, practical demonstrations of assessment tests, treatment techniques, exercises and exercise progressions.    



























Running Injuries is so common that one has to read and plan thoroughly to run comfortably

Congratulations Nicola Duncan for running and winning  her first ever ultra marathon in Ireland finishing running up this long hill It takes months of preparation and having excellent strengthening and conditioning and correct rehabilitation with using shockwave therapy over the muscles to condition them and strengthen them for the long distance training There are numerous sports related injuries even in a natural sport in running.Working with elite runners is a privilege as to be able to run pain free requires dedicated strength and conditioning and exercises very day

There are many different aspects in the care of a running injury so Helen hasn’t added different slides to on sporting injuries which also occur in running

Running Injuries are very common and Sports and Exercise Medicine is a small part of the NHS one hopes to see more GPs which specialist knowledge in Sports and Exercise


The Electrophysical Agents and Diagnostic Ultra sound Group arranged to bring in outstanding researchers in their field of expertise in Sports and Exercise Medicine   Seth O`Neill  Dr Lorenzo Masci  Professor Tim Watson and Dr Gina Allan

There has been excellent research on tendons so keeping up with all the tendons papers and attending all the conferences on tendons is demanding and provides hours of discussions in Sports and Exercise Medicine