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Elbow Pain Tennis Elbow and Shockwave Therapy

Elbow Pain  is becoming increasing common due to our use of computers and smart phones.  Shockwave Therapy as you can read from Helen has an excellent record of attending plenty of Conferences  more papers are coming out most ...

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Marathon Running can cause frustrating Sports Injuries

    Helen has enrolled for further learning on Running Repairs Online course. The course is a pathway for great assessment and treatment of running injuries, incorporating the latest evidence, practical demonstrations of ...


Focused Shockwaves and Running Injuries Edinburgh Ultra Marathon Runner

  Running is part of life  and it is likely that one picks up one or two running injuries over the years.If you start to run more that 40 miles per week than the running injuries increases. For those that do run a great deal ...


Running Injuries & how to prevent them.: Conference at Edinburgh Murrayfield April 2016

Running injuries are extremely common and it is important for any healthcare professional including Osteopaths to keep up-to-date with the evidence-based injury prevention courses available including cross-discipline tools regarding ...

Anatomy of the Knee Cap - Showing where knee pain is likely to develop

A Knee Injury from Skiing - Patella Dislocation

Getting a knee injury when skiing is a rather common. A friend injuried his knee when skiing by dislocating his knee cap (patella) skiing in France. The Doctors immediately took x-rays and gave him a full leg brace. His knee was hugely swollen so taking my advice he iced it regularly for 10 minutes every hour using the free ice snow from outside. The swelling reduced and he walked carefully around with his knee brace and I gave him simple safe isometric knee exercises to try to stop the quadriceps from atrophying or wasting. He had dislocated his patella and here is Everything you Need to know about Patella Dislocation Video

Lower Leg Fracture? Rehabilitation using advanced electrotherapy

My 21 year son recently fractured his right lower leg down in Sheffield playing American Football. We would like to thank the brilliant paramedical team who stretched him off and transported to The Rotherham General Hospital to their A & E Fracture Team. Their senior consultant and his physiotherapists had my son up walking within 7 days. I would like to thank Better Perform as I took with me Cefar Compex Electrotherapy used by Premier League Football and English Rugby and many more . The cefar compex rehab 4 has special programmes to prevent atrophy and wasting of the muscles and programmes to increase the rate of healing and removal of debris, bruising and healing of the bones.

Knee Pain

A New Approach to Treating Knee Pain

The most common course of chronic knee pain is anterior knee pain which occurs under & around the knee cap. There are many theories about the causes of such pain, and many exercises to do to prevent this type of pain.


Tennis Elbow - Causes & Treatments

Tennis Elbow occurs when the muscles which attach to the elbow become overloaded and start to tear the tendon attached to the elbow. The arm - in particular the forearm - can experience muscular spasms and a local weakness which serves to protect it from further damage.

The Troublesome Sciatic Nerve

The sciatic nerve is a large nerve which we use all our life and which can develop problems, resulting in pain or compression if there is a prolapsed disc.

Knee Pain

Causes of Knee Pain

It's common to have front knee pain at some stage of your life as your patella - knee cap - is in constant use as you walk up and down stairs or hills. A properly-functioning knee cap travels up and down a small narrow groove. Sometimes, however, it gets slightly diverted, resulting in increasing soft tissue irritation which is aggravated by walking up and down stairs