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Sports Injuries The Agony of a Hamstring Injury

Sports injuries one always hopes should be short termed and resolve after a few weeks or months with a bit of self care and exercises but there are some sports injuries which seem trivial at the time and should clear up with a bit of rest and massage and a few exercises  Communication, discussion, reading, attending conferences, asking, discussions.   Hamstring injuries  require

The Agony of hamstring injury is real and each sport with have unique hamstring injuries each rehabilitation management bespoke for that sports requirements.

The Agony of Hamstring a Injury


Hi, my name is Mike Anderson and I run with Corstorphine Athletic club.  I was an marathon/ultra-runner regularly clocking over 100 miles a week with no previous issues until the start of Feb 2016 when I noticed a slight pain in my backside but I kept training as it eased off when running and wasn’t a show stopper.  However it did get gradually worse and I stopped running after the London marathon, April 2016.  I was now in total agony walking and especially sitting with a pain down the back of my hamstring and lower part of my back.  I tried acupuncture, private physio and eventually got a referral to the NHS physio who diagnosed my condition as high hamstring tendonitis (hht).  Unfortunately all they could offer was strengthening exercises which they told me would strengthen the tendon and help regenerate cell growth.  I had my doubts as  it massively aggravated the hht and never saw any sign of improvement.  I can only liken this to asking someone to do push ups with a broken wrist!!

December 2016 and I had read online some articles about shock wave therapy providing some relief and possible improvement with hht but this was dampened by my initial enquiries with practices quoting unrealistic prices for the treatment.  However more by chance than anything else I found Helen’s website and decided to see if she could help.  I suppose we didn’t have a fixed plan of action at the start but after numerous discussions over the months we changed the rehab basically discarding the well-established exercises and using a more subtle but still effective approach which doesn’t enflame the injury.   That in itself was a god send!  It also became evident that having shock wave once or twice a month wasn’t enough to really make an impact on the pain, something that Helen recognised, and I am now receiving treatment once a week at a realistic price which means I can afford the weekly shock.

I am now on the road to recovery and can walk even up hills more or less pain free.  Sitting is still slightly uncomfortable at work but I can drive without the dread of getting out the seat with pain just waiting to hit you.  Helen’s knowledge of using shock wave and what exercises work means she has provided me with real hope that this terrible condition can be beaten and I know I will return to running.

Anyone with high hamstring tendonitis should use Helen as her treatment does work.  This is a long-term injury that will improve with shockwave, tailored exercises and a lot of patience.


Helen would like to thank Professor Nicola Maffulli, Cliff Eaton Physiotherapy,  Beony Mathews Physiotherapist for all their lecturers learning continual support and advice






further reviews can be found on Edinburghonline









Sports Injuries The Agony of a Hamstring Injury


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