Running Rehab is outstanding Online Course with plenty of hand outs and resources

 This is an excellent online course with Beony Mathews and PhysioTutors Here is the online link to Physiotutors Beony Mathews has an excellent extra on Shockwaves

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Morton` s Neuroma

Morton`s Neuroma is a painful condition of the foot which sometimes requires an surgical option for chronic severe cases however it caught is the early stages it is possible to reduce the symptoms which is more comfortable than surgery ...


Pain in the Buttocks (sitting driving and walking)

Pain in the Buttocks made worse by sitting is common  To assess and diagose posteral hip and gluteal pain is much more complex This is current literature research based 2017 and Helen has attended many of Beony Mathews lectures and ...


Runners Injuries – Stress fractures are one of those rare hazards but often missed and so disabling

Stress fractures in runners can be hugely agonising and unbearable and sadly often there is a long delayed in diagnosis. This interesting blog on pelvic stress factors is useful information for those involved in running. It is ...

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Running Injures: Running Injuries

Running Injuries are frustrating common Here one has published a sample of current evidence based lecture notes byBeony Mathews and Glen Robbins who lecture regularly on evidence-based rehabilitation throughout the UK and thanks to UK ...