Clear Exercise Prescription which is video based with full narrated exercise videos is delivered directly to your smart phone or computer   This gives you more time for your treatment as Helen sends your own exercises to you near the end of the consultation 


Clear Exercise Prescription Clip






Helen has been delighted With this recent digital health technology  Physitrack Which  can deliver your own clear exercises with narrated voice telling you how to do the exercises. This she had find this very very important as so many people forget how to do their exercises at home or in the gym.  It is excellent. If you can go regularly to a personal trainer or you can afford to go to regular classes or you are fit unable to go to the classes.  Helen has added in the information that the exercises are using peer reviewed exercises and activities in areas such as orthopaedics, urology, paediatrics, cardiology and women’s health and pregnancy.

Some of the most well-received exercises have actually been about how to put your socks on, how to get out of the chair, how to get from lying to sitting position.

How to climb stairs with a crutch. If you have recently had an operation or an injury to your foot

With so much chronic conditions and pain. It is much more important that we can send you your own video clips to your computers and your smart phones and you can go through this with your family and friends to make certain you understand how to do your exercise











Helen is a Association Member of the British Association of Sports and Exercise Medicine


The British Association of Sports and Exercise Medicine provides outstanding education and conferences on all aspect of Sports and Exercises   The Website has excellent lecturers and videos on all kinds of sports and exercise current and ongoing research   Here is their website 









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