Morton`s Neuroma is a painful condition of the foot which sometimes requires an surgical option for chronic severe cases however it caught is the early stages it is possible to reduce the symptoms which is more comfortable than surgery or injection therapies

Morton`s Neuroma comes often with other foot conditions such as irritable tendons such as the achilles tibialis posterior tendinopathy which is the tendon that runs down the inside of your lower leg and behind your ankle bone and joins on to the midfoot.  Tibialis posterior helps to support the arch of your foot.  If the tibialis posterior tendon is weakened with pain then the arch of your foot can begin to collapse and this can result in chronic irritation of the plantar digital nerve in the foot.  It usually occurs in the second or third web spaces radiating to the toes.  Sometimes the condition is diffusely painful and patients may complain of the not only foot pain but also ankle pain.  Your achilles tendon may also be irritated or your plantar fasciitis and your heel.   Sometimes it is your Peroneal Tendon or peroneal tendonitis and swelling is a common due to the irritation of the tendon and the surrounding structures.

One of the many courses Helen has attended which is now a brilliant online course as well is by Dr Peter Malliaras

One must look the foot as a whole as the other tendons such as tibialis posterior, achilles tendon peroneal tendonitis, plantar fasciitis to enable to more supportive arch to the foot which is why attending the practical and clinical course by Dr Peter Malliaras for better long term effective management.   For runners one must consider running gait, cadence, length of stride, and management of slow progressive loading and running protocols










Here is Nicola Duncan happy with her First Medal from the Edinburgh Ultra Marathon  and Nicola come in first against the Men and the Ladies

The reason for the photos is everyone wants to know that shockwave therapy is safe so here are two the races that Nicola won in 2018



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