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Shockwave Medical UK Conference Saturday 16th May 2015

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The setting up a new Shockwave Medical Services with enormous  demands on our NHS f due to the rapid rise in diabetes often due to our sedentary current lifestyle Increasing age in our population, has delayed the start up of New Shockwave  Medical Services in the NHS   At the moment Shockwave is not even particularly well COVERED  by our PRIVATE HEALTH INSURANCE POLICIES  So it is up the small private run clinics like myself and many others up and down the country to try hard to keep down our overheads and provide shockwave therapy at an affordable cost when other pathways and therapies are not working so well.  Shockwave therapy occurs naturally in our planet Earth in the form of thunder storms and it happens to seem to act as a catalyst on our sometimes Stalled cellular repair mechanisms  


Purchasing a   Shockwave Machine which costs a minimum of £10,000  One has to keep the Shockwave therapy Equipment serviced and maintained once a year.  Our machine here in Edinburgh is going to be serviced by Patterson Medical on 30th June 2015 

One has to travel down to England to be trained and attend Conferences such as organised by VENNCARE to be regulated up dates in current safety and use of shockwave therapy



 There are now a few  NHS clinics in England who are  able to provide shockwave therapy after you have tried normal current procedures such as in plantar fascitiis 

As an Osteopath we treat the body as a whole which includes the feet.  I refer to podiatrists for Orthotics  and bio-mechanical analysis. There are well researched stretching exercises which need to be followed carefully and therefore most plantar fascitiis recover in one year It seems to be the older age group who need some shockwave therapy to stimulate the “stalled repairing Cells” so well described by Professor Tim Watson   This shockwave therapy service I am happy to providing that one has been trying the normal exercises stretches and good quality shoes 

If one can find some one with  diagnostic Ultra Sound Scan for your plantar fasciitis that is even better as imaging for different diagnosis is the gold standard.   However remember the demands on our over burdened NHS is increasing due to issues such as diabetes and our increasing population  

Here one tries hard to keep the costs down to £45.00 per hour including the use of the shockwave therapy machine which is about to be serviced again 











Shockwave Medical UK Conference Saturday 16th May 2015