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Shock Wave Therapy Edinburgh Helen has the first Focus Shockwave Therapy in Scotland and Radial Shockwave Therapy

Helen has now been using shockwave therapy successfully for over seven  years here in Edinburgh.  It is important to know that the high performance elite athletes often require the true Focused Shockwaves rather an the more common radial shockwaves

Do you know the difference between Focused and Radial Shockwaves ?  

Helen has the first Focus Shockwave Therapy Duolith in Scotland  The Focus Shockwave Therapy is extremely useful for chronic tendinopathies such as Tennis Elbow, Achilles Tendinopathy and Helen is delighted with having excellent success with chronic back stiffness and spasms    You can read the indications for Focus Shockwave Therapy by scrolling down the page as this is a wider range than one would expect Shockwave Therapy is always to be used as an adjunct to good quality continual professional courses which provide evidence based rehabilitation and management



A recent Article in the The Courier  It is important to know that Helen is using Focused Shockwaves  and not Radial Shockwaves which is the most common form of shockwaves therapy used in 95% of the MKS Clinics






Helen has completed many CPD courses and here Helen Recommends this Online Course by PhysioTutors












The Prestigious Italian Clinic J Medical Puts its Trust in Shock Waves from Storz Medical







Photos from our Visit to Storz Medical Switzerland where we had a brilliant time learning on the use of Shockwaves in both Hospitals and Clinics






Here is an excellent video by Vennhealthcare on the difference of Focused Shockwaves and Radial shockwaves




To use Focus and Radial Shockwave Therapy effectively it is important to attend Conferences by world Class researchers in all aspects of rehabilitation such as lower limb Tendinopathy by Dr Peter Malliaras




Shockwave for GTPS Editorial














Mittermayr(2021)- fSWT in Bone Repair Review

Alkhawashki(2015)- SWT for Fracture Non-Union

marwan(2017)- swt in coccydynia – 23 cases

Elster(2010)- SWT for Tibial Non-Union

Moretti(2009)- SWT in Rx of Stress Fractures

Abdelkader(2021)- rSWT for Achilles Tendinopathy – Double Blind RCT

1.plantar fascia eswt original_recurrence-pf

Carlisi(2018)- fSWT in GTPS – RCT


Headaches and Neck and Shoulder Pain











Shock Wave Therapy Edinburgh Helen has the first Focus Shockwave Therapy in Scotland and Radial Shockwave Therapy