Planter fasciitis can be painful and reduce your ability to walk comfortably and enjoy normal life activities.  Due to high demand Helen is delighted to say that she now has the new Storz Medical Masterpulse 200 with the latest red transmitter with a concave head which is gentle and encourages more effective repairing of tissues    It came in March 2018 with updated clinical protocols








The transmitter Heads


As an Osteopath I have am much happier now I have bought a shockwave therapy machine for aiding the treatment of plantar fasciitis  in combination with other health care professionals such as podiatrists, gait analysis comfy shoes stretches and exercises  Shockwave therapy is now more evidence base in the past year and you will all see most large Clinics will provide shockwave therapy treatment as part of your exercise and rehabilitation program.     Injections which are still given are being reduced because of the increase risk of a rupture of your plantar fascia and shockwave therapy laser therapy and even ultra sound combined with safe exercises massage and stretches with comfortable shoes is considered SAFE