Cool down after an  injury an Athlete on ice

Low Back Pain Treatments in athletes & the General Population : A Collection of Research Papers

Low back pain is one of the most common medical presentations in the general population. It is a common source of pain in athletes, leading to significant time missed and disability. The general categories of treatment for low back pain are medications and therapies.


MRI SCAN Near Edinburgh for £199.00

MRI Scans are superb for diagnostic purposes although the scanners really need to be used for detecting the serious  medical conditions but an MRI scan is very useful for back , neck, shoulder knees hips, pelvic pain and I am ...

Anatomy of the Knee Cap - Showing where knee pain is likely to develop

A Knee Injury from Skiing - Patella Dislocation

Getting a knee injury when skiing is a rather common. A friend injuried his knee when skiing by dislocating his knee cap (patella) skiing in France. The Doctors immediately took x-rays and gave him a full leg brace. His knee was hugely swollen so taking my advice he iced it regularly for 10 minutes every hour using the free ice snow from outside. The swelling reduced and he walked carefully around with his knee brace and I gave him simple safe isometric knee exercises to try to stop the quadriceps from atrophying or wasting. He had dislocated his patella and here is Everything you Need to know about Patella Dislocation Video


Myofascial Release: A method of Manipulative treatment aimed at the relaxation of the soft tissues of the body. : By John Upledger

Myofascial Release or Myofascial Release Massage over the years has grown a fashionable course of treatments. It is only the stretching the some of the fascial which surrounds the muscles of the body but due to America it has become ...


Physiotherapy Electrotherapy Techniques combined with Osteopathy: The best of both worlds

Physiotherapy Electrotherapy was first introduced to me over 30 years ago by a wonderful physiotherapist were I worked in a well known Health Spa used by many celebrities. Physiotherapy Electrotherapy has come on a long way and there are many more approaches, machines and diagnostic advances of which many are used in the States and Europe. At the moment, here in the Great Britain physiotherapy is restricted to exercises and hands on. The use electrotherapy has been greatly reduced with the result that I combine physiotherapy electrotherapy with many of my treatments as electrotherapy has been well evidence based and researched by Professor Tim Watson. He has a new website and here is a link to Key Concepts in Electrotherapy

Arsenal FC SEMS Conference 2013

Dr O'Driscoll has asked me to make practitioners aware of the 2013 Arsenal FC SEMS Conference, run by the AFC Medical Department and held at Emirates Stadium on 25 March 2013. Please find current information below. To register online and secure your place, please go to There is limited capacity of 30 attendees per tour for the two tours of Emirates during the day. If you wish to join one of these, please confirm this when you register.


Tissue Repair and Electrotherapy Conference 13th April 2013

Tissue Repair and Electrotherapy Victoria Infirmary, Glasgow.  Professor Tim Watson  13th April 2013 09.00 Registration 09.15 Introduction Review of Tissue Repair I A consideration of the current view of tissue repair mechanisms and ...

Chronic Pain Treatments – Revolutionary approaches for the future

Please Read these reviews as it is important if you are making an appointment to see Helen   For many it is their first Appointment with an Osteopath so you have what to expect and for patient feedback satisfaction  Edinburgh ...

Chronic Back Pain – Blaming the Brain for Chronic Back Pain July 2012

Chronic Back Pain recent Article from the New Scientist   Called Blaming the Brain for Chronic Back Pain July 2012 The vast majority of adults have had a sore back at some point in their lives. If they’re lucky, the pain subsides ...

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Neck Pain Symptoms which travel down your arm.

Neck pain symptoms  vary considerably including the level of pain and where the pain goes  – like into your head causing headaches or feeling out of  sorts, or down your arm and in this particular case history presentation   ...