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Elbow Pain Tennis Elbow and Shockwave Therapy

Elbow Pain  is becoming increasing common due to our use of computers and smart phones.  Shockwave Therapy as you can read from Helen has an excellent record of attending plenty of Conferences  more papers are coming out most physiotherapists and osteopaths will all have shockwave therapy as part of their treatment and exercise plans   Tennis elbow is really called lateral humoral epicondylitis.  It is really caused by repetitive mechanical loading all repetitive strain injury leading to an increase of pain on exertion on the outside of the elbow or sometimes on the inside of the elbow.People normally present this condition after suffering for a period of 4 to 6 months and complained of pain when bending their wrist repetitive, strenuous movements of the lower arm leads to disabling painful condition

As Helen has been using Shockwave therapy now for over 3 years with good beneficial outcomes for tennis elbow, she knows that to chronic tennis elbow may take 6 sessions of shockwave therapy and exercises which is why she keeps the cost of shockwave therapy to an affordable cost so that her patients become completely pain free and return to their full activities such as tennis golf or personal training or simply to be pain free.

The cost of £50 for the first consultant and you will be given your exercises by sending your exercises to your computer or your smart phone and further treatment will be 30 minutes at £30.00

One must always consider the Neck and or shoulder examination.











Every day tasks such as lifting and carrying shopping bags, DIY such as hammering, continual typing using your smart devices, computers daily life activities such as opening jars all load and irritate the tendon of the elbow causing


Well known Cause of Elbow Pain


Common Repetitive Every Day Life Style Tasks causing Elbow Pain

Carrying Shopping Bags


Repetitive Manual Occupational Risks can cause elbow pain







Part of Self Help Management includes self massage over the tendon and muscles





Alternatively some Chronic Long Term Elbow Pain or  Tennis Elbow may need some shockwave therapy 


How Shockwave Therapy works – It has nothing to do with electricity.

It is only Compressed Air


Radial Pressure Waves are only pulses generated by COMPRESSED AIR.  The COMPRESSED AIR is used to drive a small pellet in a long cylinder, and is within the hand piece onto a small head which is called a shock transmitter.  This fast energy of air converts the air pressure energy when the pellet hits the transmitter and then the air pressure waves then spread into the underlying tissue.  So all it is air pressure waves which activates the natural healing mechanisms in the tissues of the body







Shock Wave Therapy induces neovascularization at the tendon-bone junction 





As you can see there are a number of different diagnosis for Elbow Pain   which all must be considered and diagnosis is confirmed by either MRI or diagnostic ultrasound with power Doppler sonography  This shows up if there are have been a chronic condition in the tendon irregular  vessel generation

These pathological capillary vessels are considered to be the failed misdirected healing of an afflicted, degenerative modified tendon area.   Neovascularisation is more pronounced in chronic tendinopathy is and helps examine the determine the severity of the condition.

Exercises can help with support many tennis elbow conditions. However, Helen is used to treating the long-term severe cases, and now with three years experience, one can follow up with examinations of shockwave therapy after 36 or 12 months and the disappearance of the new vessels show that the tendon is improving







You will also receive education, and your mini video clips on how to do your exercises, all part of the treatment and consultation £45.00 Helen has been delighted that feedback is the number of treatment sessions is reduced and the outcomes and benefits are much








Elbow Pain Tennis Elbow and Shockwave Therapy


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