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Knee Pain

Knee pain and or PatellaFemoral Pain is a very common disabling pain.  Helen recently attended the excellent course on Weekend Warriors for  runners held in Brighton.  One of the lecture mornings was given by Claire Robertson whose ...

Focus Presentation

Focus Shockwave Therapy V Radial Shockwave Therapy

  FOCUS SHOCKWAVE THERAPY   Helen has both Focus and Radial Shockwave Therapy.  Shockwave Therapy is used as part of the rehabilitation and exercises provided by Helen as Helen attends many CPD courses with Physiotherapists ...

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Knee Pain

Knee pain is common and here is part of an extract of current discussions on evidence on treatment of one source of knee pain in the middle-aged and elderly people.  The knee pain is associated with degenerative mensical lesions in the ...


Knee Pain

Common causes of knee pain are well described on our NHS website as you can see from the knee assessment chart  a knee pain is more challenging to assess and treat.  It is because knees can be highly sensitive to pain and slow careful ...

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Knee Pain and Exercises

Knee Pain and Exercises could fill several books and have been which, what and why is an evolving discussion about all Health Care Professsional There is a wide range of potential reasons for knee pain for all ages, here is a brief ...

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Neuromotor stimulation can be used as part of rehabilitation and weakened muscle

Shoulder injuries, knee injuries ankle injuries, shin splints, muscular cramps and spasms, gluteal   This is the future and you will see that exercise and tissue repair is much more complex and the way we approach muscular – ...

A new model of tendon pathology

Tendinopathy Update Course 17th May 2014 08.45 am to 17.00

   Tendinopathy Update Course  17th May 2014 08.45 to 17.00 Fee  £80.00 Jehan Yehia is organising this course our understanding of the pathology of tendon disease and the fact that the exercises we as clinicians has to be updated ...


Why Pain ? Tendons can be so painful and slow to get better – abstracts The Three Stages of Tendon Pathology 1. Reactive 2. Tendon Dysrepair 3.Degenerative

  Tendons and Tendon pain such as your achilles, patella, tennis elbow, golfer s elbow  as professional sports are demanding better understanding of tendon pathology as injuries cause enormous financial issues both to the sports ...

Anatomy of the Knee Cap - Showing where knee pain is likely to develop

A Knee Injury from Skiing - Patella Dislocation

Getting a knee injury when skiing is a rather common. A friend injuried his knee when skiing by dislocating his knee cap (patella) skiing in France. The Doctors immediately took x-rays and gave him a full leg brace. His knee was hugely swollen so taking my advice he iced it regularly for 10 minutes every hour using the free ice snow from outside. The swelling reduced and he walked carefully around with his knee brace and I gave him simple safe isometric knee exercises to try to stop the quadriceps from atrophying or wasting. He had dislocated his patella and here is Everything you Need to know about Patella Dislocation Video

Knee Pain

Frontal Knee Pain is one of the most commonest conditions I see as an Osteopath here in Edinburgh. This is the pain you feel when you walk up and down stairs and you think it is going to improve but niggles and niggles on.