Low back pain and mid back pain and upper shoulder pain continues to be one of the for more disabling painful conditions, which affects our general quality of life and ability to work With is a surprising statistic when there are so many other far more serious disabling conditions.

An outstanding conference for all those interested in all the different aspects of back and the back pain.  Dr Marie-Elaine Grant , who is Ireland’s Olympic team lead physio had undertake an extensive PhD research into the effects of strengthening the spine. An athlete has to put his or her spine through extreme range of overloading in training techniques and specific sports. This requires an integrated approach of strengthening and rehabilitation in high-performance and development of all athletes  Low back pain as you can imagine is a common part of high level training

Dr Nicholas Peirce originally trained in family medicine and has worked extensively in all aspects of medical care of athletes, including seven years as the lead position for the English Institute of sport at Loughborough University. He has attended many high-level sports events looking into all the different aspects of spine and helmet design in cricket.
These lectures were outstanding in this but particular case. He has a particular interest in the bone adaption and risks of spondylolisthesis in fast bowlers. This is particularly useful in the early detection of this particular stress fracture prevention and rehabilitation

When one is attending such excellent conferences, what one observes is that many people are comforted by the fact many healthcare professionals to attend these high-calibre continual learning events.
There were too many excellent lectures to go into greater detail. However, this was an outstandingly valuable conference to attend well worth the journey and meeting up with all these excellent specialists

Treatment and Consultation for one hour £45.00  please  remember  includes time to fill in your treatment plan and examination notes as part of our General Osteopathic Code of Practice 

Treatment and Consultation for one hour with shockwave therapy is £50  

It is possible after your first consultation and you have a simple treatment plan to have a 30 minute appointment for £30   this is useful for the long term achilles tendinopathies or plantar fasciitis which seem to take between 4 to 10 sessions    depending on your age and how severe your condition  For Achilles Tendons is it useful if you can arrange to have an diagnostic ultra sound scan via your GP