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Focus Shockwave Therapy V Radial Shockwave Therapy

  FOCUS SHOCKWAVE THERAPY   Helen has both Focus and Radial Shockwave Therapy.  Shockwave Therapy is used as part of the rehabilitation and exercises provided by Helen as Helen attends many CPD courses with Physiotherapists ...

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Elbow Pain Tennis Elbow and Shockwave Therapy

Elbow Pain  is becoming increasing common due to our use of computers and smart phones.  Shockwave Therapy as you can read from Helen has an excellent record of attending plenty of Conferences  more papers are coming out most ...


Why Pain ? Tendons can be so painful and slow to get better – abstracts The Three Stages of Tendon Pathology 1. Reactive 2. Tendon Dysrepair 3.Degenerative

  Tendons and Tendon pain such as your achilles, patella, tennis elbow, golfer s elbow  as professional sports are demanding better understanding of tendon pathology as injuries cause enormous financial issues both to the sports ...

Certifcate RTP 11.12.15 Tendinopathies

The Costs of Shock Wave Treatment For Chronic Conditions such as Plantar Fascitis

Shock wave treatment has been developed for conditions such as plantar fasciitis – shoulder rotator cuff – tennis elbow –Achilles tendonpathy – acupuncture shock-wave therapy – trigger point treatment – hip pain associated with tendons – iliotibial band pain – low back muscular pain from tight muscles – shoulder pain associated with rotator cuff and biceps tendon. Tennis and golfers elbow trochanteric bursitis


Tennis Elbow - Causes & Treatments

Tennis Elbow occurs when the muscles which attach to the elbow become overloaded and start to tear the tendon attached to the elbow. The arm - in particular the forearm - can experience muscular spasms and a local weakness which serves to protect it from further damage.