Running is part of life  and it is likely that one picks up one or two running injuries over the years.If you start to run more that 40 miles per week than the running injuries increases. For those that do run a great deal especially marathons which require long hours of training often on hard surfaces such as the road the running injuries increase with running volume.  Some of these injuries can occur in the tendons in the muscles of the body, others are associated with the joints such as the knee and the ankle and foot. Helen has now been using Shockwave Therapy here in Edinburgh for over 3 years.  Not everyone will need shockwave therapy good walking and moving will stimulate the cells to heal as well 

There is a large number of different disciplines in looking after all the different types and stages of injuries picked up by runners. Shockwave therapy and including loading and rehabilitation exercises is one of the emerging treatments for chronic stiff must pain and tendons such as the Achilles, planter fasciitis and many more.  A sudden increase in volume in running affects your tendons such as your achilles, or upper hamstring tendons.  This is a particularly painful running injury and notoriously difficult to treat because tendons are extraordinary slow at healing.  Indeed horse tendons are known to always take a year to heal properly  apparently human tendons are even slower to heal which is why humans can sustain so many challenging running injuries to treat




Evidence Based Injury Prevention in Recreational Runners

From Lectures Helen has attended by Beony Mathews





Helen has been using shockwave therapy combined with loading and rehabilitation. The process of reading and learning and going on continual courses as all the running injuries, a hugely variable and the current research is always being updated regularly. 

Helen has been using shockwave therapy now since 2014 and has built up considerable experience in treating tendinopathies only because she has been attending so many conferences, especially in London. She has kept the shockwave treatment to be affordable for the simple reason that from feedback from her experienced runners they have all required more than three treatments to look after a chronic Achilles tendon or plantar fasciitis proximal hamstring tendinopathy.

The tendon is slow to repair and can take a year which is similar to horse tendons Equine Vets use shockwave therapy and a careful rehabilitation which takes a year so one must be completely honest and explain it takes more than 3 sessions of shockwave therapy to stimulate the repairing mechanisms of a tendon or a muscles




An Elite Runner can train up to 70 to 100 miles per week























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Treatment and Consultation for one hour £45.00  please  remember  includes time to fill in your treatment plan and examination notes as part of our General Osteopathic Code of Practice 

Treatment and Consultation for one hour with shockwave therapy is £50  

It is possible after your first consultation and you have a simple treatment plan to have a 30 minute appointment for £30   this is useful for the long term achilles tendinopathies or plantar fasciitis which seem to take between 4 to 10 sessions    depending on your age and how severe your condition  For Achilles Tendons Shoulder Rotator Cuff  is it useful if you can arrange to have an diagnostic ultra sound scan via your GP but this can be more difficult however there are one or two doctors on the NHS here in Edinburgh training in diagnostic ultra sound or maybe your GP can arrange an x ray or if you meet the criteria an MRI Scan