Cervical Neck and Muscular Pain – which sometimes travels down the arm- is a complicated condition. The diagrams opposite will help you understand this condition.

There are various medical conditions which cause Cervical Neck and Muscular Pain. Your GP can diagnose which one is responsible, and if you have severe and worsening pain, will refer you to a hospital specialist.

In neck pain, both muscles and nerves can be affected, therefore both require treatment. It takes an hour at least to take a case history, examine and treat this condition. Such treatments often includes electrotherapy for inflammation of muscular attachments and massage/vibrotherapy for the upper trapezius muscles. However if the patient is in severe pain, conventional soft tissue massage can irritate the affected area, in which case sacral cranial osteopathy and advice on postural advice are more effective. Any treatment needs to be applied gently and with particular care.

As a result of increasing prolonged static sitting in front of computers, the upper neck and shoulder muscles have become more tense and solid so these areas take longer to treat then they did 15 years ago. I use vibrotherapy to release the hard, tense trapezius and hand traction on the neck muscles. Both these therapies are very effective.

These extended treatments are more likely to be beneficial and long lasting. With the current economic climate, I prefer to keep my costs to £35 per treatment. Additionally it’s easy to find free parking where I practise.