Hand Pain Injury and Wrist Injury  using only  one minute of shockwave therapy with the R15 head setting for tendinopathy protocol on Thursday 10th April.  This client is a very fit kettle bell specialist, a full time personal trainer and studying at College including the strength and conditioning called  Functional Movement Systems.   Any hand or wrist injury to strength and conditioning coach, or trainer or athlete is devastating as monitoring the health and care of your tendons, ligaments and muscles is utterly essential as one muscles atrophy so fast.  Hand and Wrist Pain is difficult to diagnose due to the complexities in the tiny ligaments, bones and muscles which are part of the hand as any Hand or Wrist Surgeon will explain to you.  Here we tried one treatment with the shockwave after checking there was no major instability or severe pain suggesting a boney fracture.    In fact it is almost more safe to try the shockwave and find out if the tissues heal rather than attempting strengthening and conditioning exercises with pain still present in the hand or wrist as this may only be increasing a micro tear or micro fracture in the hand/wrist complex.    As he continued to improve we did not need to sent him off for an MRI Scan or an X-ray as he responded so well to the shockwave.  In an ideal situation one was have diagnostic imaging before treatment to confirm treatment plan


Gordon Ritson drove up from his company Pattersonmedical  and delivered the ” The Dalek” as the Intelect RPW Shockwave  is lovingly nicknamed by the clients on Wednesday 9th April 2014.

The Dalek

I used the R15 Head Protocol for Tendinopathy Bar 2.00  for 1000 shocks   At this stage  as the client was extremely keen to resume strengthening and conditioning again – I did not REDUCE THE BAR LEVEL HOWEVER LET ME REASSURE ALL OF YOU READING THIS ARTICLE THAT THIS PARTICULAR CHATTANOOGA INTELECT CAN BE EASILY REDUCED TO A VERY GENTLE NON PAINFUL SETTING ON 1.4 BAR.





hi Helen

a quick update regarding my wrist:

I’ve been away and trained lightly (calisthenics, skipping) and rode a scooter for few hours a day, wrist was ok no pain at all;

this morning after training (olympic lifting) wrist is a bit sore while in the front squat position (photo attached) but overall feels good


the treatment is SORE and makes you feel quite tired but feels great the day after

hope this helps

may book another session next week, will let you know


Intelect RPW Clinical Guide COMPLETE (LR)0113


Intelect RPW Clinical Guide COMPLETE (LR)0115

















Intelect RPW Clinical Guide COMPLETE (LR)0112






Intelect RPW Clinical Guide COMPLETE (LR)0120










Intelect RPW Clinical Guide COMPLETE (LR)0116








Intelect RPW Clinical Guide COMPLETE (LR)0107















 Warmest appreciation to:-  Cliff Eaton Physiotherapist MSc PGc MCSP SRP  Clinical Support Special   for supporting and advising Helen in her training at Guildford DJO Global  UK 

 Warmest appreciation to :-   Professor Tim Watson  for his years of research, reading and lecturing.  Read his outstanding website on Tissue Repair, shockwave, ultra sound and all the other modalities.

 Warmest appreciation to  :- Gordon Ritson of PattersonMedical for supporting,advising and delivering all the servicing requirements of the electrotherapy and the equipment.

The treatments have to be combined with normal Osteopathy, or Cranial Osteopathy or Myofascial release and exercises however please note that the poor loading exercise prescription can be harmful if over loaded or not rested to allow normal tissue repair and recovery of the bones, tissue, muscles and tendons

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