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Magnetotransduction Therapy EMTT

Lecture on Magnetotransduction Therapy

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Lecture on Magnetotransduction Therapy by Venn Tutors



Case Study:  chronic neck shoulders and headaches for over 10 years  6 sessions every 2 weeks was significantly beneficial.  There has been a history of 3 road traffic accidents which caused a whiplash style of soft tissue trauma which is why this particular lady has so much debilitating neck and shoulder pain.  She has a referral note even though she was significantly improving for  further opinion, other investigatiaons to Orthopaedics or Rheumatogy.  She is happy because has less stiffness and pain in her neck and she is also have further investigations in case there was some other medical condition underlying her presenting symptons.


 Referral notes to your GP or Hospital

Presenting Symptons can often be vague and may be the onset of other medical conditions or there is often other underlying and overlapped medical conditions Helen can refer for a MRI scan privately which has been much more popular in this Covid Era.






It’s important to realise that the magnetolith is part of the whole treatment plan, which may include a combination of working with your GP or your consultant, This complementary to your medical multidisciplinary team



Here is an excellent example of an online course or ensure that your clinician is advanced in assessment and rehabilitation 


Magnetotransduction Therapy EMTT