Do you know the difference between Focus and Radial shockwaves? Radial is the more common shockwave which is commonly used in many MKS Clinics However most of the excellent outcomes are due to the combination of Focus and Radial ...

Focus shockwaves Biological Action on Bone

  There are two types of shockwaves The true shockwave Focus shockwaves and Radial Pressure waves Radial Pressure waves are generated by means of a projectile located within a tube and accleraated by compressed air, causing it to ...


Focus Shockwave : Does it work like Magic for Great Trochanteric Pain Syndrome

Lateral Hip Pain has many causes and one of the more common is Great Trochanteric Pain Syndrome or Lateral Hip Pain from hip tendons shockwave:  does it work like magic for the greater Trochanteric Pain Syndrome   ‌ GTS is one of ...


Tennis Elbow - Causes & Treatments

Tennis Elbow occurs when the muscles which attach to the elbow become overloaded and start to tear the tendon attached to the elbow. The arm - in particular the forearm - can experience muscular spasms and a local weakness which serves to protect it from further damage.