Neck and  Back and arm pain with associated headaches and pain in the middle of your back and stiffness travelling downwards is definitely on the increase.  Look at the recent health and safety in musculoskeletal disorders, rules and regulations update on our health and safety government website and you will see that there is an ever increasing risk assessment tools, in particular for repetitive strain injuries associated with shoulder, neck and down the arm pain which then cascades down into the stiff low back syndrome and has implications on the health of our spine, discs and disc facets joints




As much of our work is related to use on the computer and the Internet is available both on the trains workstations and in many of our leisure activities. The risk of repetitive strain injury not only in the low back has hugely increased, and one sees a great deal more of repetitive strain injury in the younger generation as well as all ages.
It is difficult, to work out alternative approaches to avoid this.

Helen herself uses, Bluetooth wireless microphone, as she like all osteopaths has to maintain our continual professional development portfolio. Provide more administration and information to fellow healthcare professionals and the business community.

So Helen now uses, educational and exercise videos, which are easier for you to understand and can be seen both on your smart phones, computers. This is because we now have to be able to communicate with information which is more helpful for patients to understand their conditions and provide more treat want options. So by using the videos which is a non-technical language, diagrams and also the video the speaker will instruct you how to follow your exercise program Physitract Exercises   

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