Neck pain is a highly complex and challenging common it affects all of us at some stage in our life, particularly as we grow older and our cervical  muscles are not so strong at a time when we are beginning to develop wear and tear in our vertebra. It is important to realise that 80% of the strength in our neck as explained by Kay Robinson is from your neck muscles.  Neck strengthening exercises are the most effective approach for elite athletes.   However soft tissue approaches are often required as part of the exercise program if the muscles are in spasm then one cannot exercise the muscles appropriately

In this excellent virtual video conference,  courtesy of Kay Robinson  specialist physiotherapist for the sailing and Olympic level Skeleton Athletes .  This is to encourage one to keep moving and find some kind of movement or activity which is suitable for one`s personal state of health

the research from the professional sports athletes and the research which they have been so kind Lee made available to all of us gives us an insight into the fact that the neck muscles provide 80% of the strength and support to our head.

Here is the link to David Pope `s Clinical Edge for this excellent Sports Conference 

Did you know that 80% of the stability of your neck is provided by the strength of your muscles in your neck?

These specialist athletes are exposed to chronic forces, the exhilaration vibrations from Brunt’s having to hold the neck up high through fast speeds travelling downhill over ice as part of their daily strengthening and conditioning program go through specialist neck muscle strengthening exercises


Approaches to neck pain should include strengthening exercises for the neck, there are also trigger points and muscle spasms and aches and pains that need to be settle the knees before you can exercises which are sent out using physitrack