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Low Back Spinal Pain with shockwave therapy

Low Back Spinal Pain with Dr Tomas Nedelka Podcast with James Woledge  Osteopath



Low back pain or spinal low back pain  for is a highly complex and some stage many people will go and have an x-ray, or MRI scan. There are certain conditions such as cauda equina, which requires one to go to see accident and emergency, to have an MRI scan.

What is cauda equina syndrome, this is spinal emergency. As we know, within your spine there is a spinal-cord which extends from the brain down a canal inside the vertebra column  at each level of the spine, there are nerves branching off from your spinal-cord. These are called nerve roots. They are responsible for sending signals to and from the muscles and other structures throughout the body.

The area which we need to concentrate on is the area of the spine which is approximately just above the waist.  The area of the spine is where the spinal-cord finishes.  Below this is the group of nerds which is called the cauda equina


The nerves of the cauda equina responsible to supply the nerves of the bladder, bowels, lower limbs and also supply the sensations to the skin around the bottom and the back passage.  It is important to raids the awareness of the red flag signs and symptoms of cauda equina before one discusses other reasons for spinal pain such as joint facets pain and other reasons for the nerves of the spine to become inflamed and irritated. When the nerves of the spine do become irritated then the exercises have to be modified as the nerves can become highly irritable and inflamed very easily. However you are meant to be exercising your muscles so you have to be very sensible working out what exercise strengthens and keeps your muscles from atrophying but without inflaming the nerves which may become compressed as they branch out from between the various structures of the spinal column.


So providing there aren’t any major red flag signs then it is well worth listening to the podcast by Dr Tomas Nedelka who is who is a neurologist, and has done years of research using radial and focus shockwave on spinal pain which one may use as an adjunct to spinal injections, and as spinal injections can be limited to only two of three, shockwave radial and focus is on option to be considered.

First it is important to rule out and raise the awareness of cauda equina syndrome, and if you scroll down you will see the pod cast and images using shockwave on the low back for spinal pain.




Podcast with Dr Thomas Nedleka Prague who is  in private practice is the first vice president of the International Society Medical shockwave Treatments  is a consultant neurologist at Charles University in Prague and in private practice is the first vice president of the International Society of Medical Shockwave treatment is special interest in the use of shockwave low back pain and is published and number of articles on the subject particularly talk about today there is mechanotransduction effect of shockwaves treatment of lumbar facet joint pain is the comparative effectiveness evaluation shockwave the steroid injections and radiofrequency medial branch nerve and this is an excellent trial which will find of interest today he treats low back pain particular chronic low back pain Dr Nedleda bought his first radial shockwave device in 2006.  Dr Nedleka found radial was really effective in some of the low back spinal pain and now in 2010 Focus shockwaves which stimulated researched on spinal pain.   in 2014 Dr Nedleka started his research in the difference between the spinal injections, and the radio frequency medial branch block nerve injections in comparator to radial shockwaves.  This is a paper that Helen as an osteopath like James, has been applying radial shockwave therapy for many spinal pain conditions if appropriate, with good success rates. Helen interestingly enough had her first radial shockwave device in 2015 and has Dr Nedleka s paper in her clinic ready for everybody to read. So Helen is delighted that her colleague James has made this wonderful pod cast with Dr Nedleka

Dr Thomas Nedleka feels that the  mechanisms of actions to be around  the joint inflammation around the joint facets and the oedoma and they have found after Focus and Radial shockwaves seems seems to have influences on the bone marrow oedema and the general inflammatory processes around the joint is the full podcast here



Low Back Spinal Pain using Focus Shockwaves



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Low Back Spinal Pain with shockwave therapy