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Hip Pain – Lateral Hip Pain – Pain which is worse at night


Most of the causes of hip pain will be treated by the NHS however there are also some less known are from pain and discomfort from muscles, tendons and or ligaments.  Please click on the links below to for reference

Please click on this link to see the excellent papers diagrams on Gluteus Medius or Lateral Hip Pain by RUNNING TOM PHYSIOTHERAPIST   Tom has all the important links on this website to Professor Jill Cook PhysioEdge Podcast Glutes Exercises Dr Alison Grimaldi plenty of diagrams and management protocols   However, sometimes for whatever reason even isometric exercises do not seem to reduce much discomfort,   So it is worth trying Radial Shockwave Therapy which if you put shockwave therapy into google you will see there is plenty of information and practitioners now offering shockwave therapy which should be combined with exercises and appropriate self management

Radial Shock Wave Therapy is a alternative to injections of the hip for lateral hip pain as some do not like injections It is advised that any Corticosteriodal Injection given under Ultra Sound Guided by your Medical Practitioner or Consultant

Home Exercises  For people who do not have the time or are not very good at regular exercises compliance   you will read in the paper below that exercises are not as long lasting as the radial shock wave therapy which is so far proven to be correct otherwise there reviews one gets from this using this treatment process would not be truthful but as it happens they are all real and genuine  some are funny too





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Hip Pain – Lateral Hip Pain – Pain which is worse at night