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Ankle Sprain and Exercises

Ankle Sprain Advice from NHS 





Assessment of your Ankle pain

The Pain here is not from an Ankle sprain but Achilles Tendon Pain








The Assessment of your Foot and Ankle Pain  is interesting 

It requires Postural Standing Walking and Sitting considerations


Please have a look at the Physitract as one sends your information, advice and exercises to your mobile phone

It is important to make certain you have no yellow or red flags associated with your ankle pain. The NHS website offers you all the advice, which you can follow.

Once the red flags and yellow flags have been triaged one then goes on to self-care management and rehabilitation.

This is where the modern mini video clips provided by Physitrack is proving to be excellent as there is an excellent narrative on how to do the exercise as well of the video clip as well as the ability for you to say how much pain that particular exercise gives you.

It may be that at this moment there is a very small tear or microfracture and in fact that stage one should not be encouraging any weight bearing exercise but more mobilising and circulating foot to keep the oedema and prevent any blood clots or thrombosis










Marathon Running can cause frustrating Sports Injuries









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Ankle Sprain and Exercises


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