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Common causes of knee pain are well described on our NHS website as you can see from the knee assessment chart  a knee pain is more challenging to assess and treat.  It is because knees can be highly sensitive to pain and slow careful exercises which do not irritate damaged cartilage, joints or other soft tissues are essential to good knee self care

Knee Pain


Common Causes of Knee Pain 

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Your Standing Assessment

Observation is KEY with Palpation








Common Causes of Knee Discomfort  (NHS Link)


Anterior Knee

There are many common causes of knee pain which you can check here on the NHS Common Causes of Knee Pain   As you will learn an Assessment of your knee pain is essential and at some time you will be encouraged to with different knee exercises depending on your age and pain levels and which injury you have sustained.  Interested the reason that the NHS is encouraging self care rehabilitation is there is increasing evidence that interventions such as some types of knee surgery are not so useful as the complications of painful scar tissue and adhesions prevent good quality exercise rehabilitation for the post operative care.   You will see increasingly that the NHS will encourage as much self care management for knee pain as possible.   


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 Osteopathic Referral Note for information on your knee if you wish to give to your General Practitioner






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Knee Pain


Knee Pain

Knee Pain

Knee pain and or PatellaFemoral Pain is a very common disabling pain.  Helen recently attended the excellent course on Weekend Warriors for  runners held in Brighton.  One of the lecture mornings was given by Claire Robertson whose special interest and research is...

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