As an Edinburgh osteopath, one of the most rejuvenating treatments I offer is the one hour fleximatic session to increase the flexibility of a golfer’s back. This treatment is simple and pain free because the vibrations of the G5 massage machine enable me to loosen up the deep ligaments and muscles which surround the hip joints, back, shoulders and neck.

Once you have shown me which parts of your body are too stiff to allow you to have a quality golf swing, I can use a combination of rocking techniques with the fleximatic machine. This avoids the need for painful deep elbow massage. In the past I used deep elbow massage but it is not nearly as effective at loosening off stiff joints.

This approach is particularly good for mild osteoarthritis of the hip joints along with a stiff back. If you are waiting for hip surgery, this treatment will make you more comfortable and allow you to continue playing golf.