This beautiful Storz Medical Masterpuls 200 arrived on Friday 16th March 2018 and it has been in continuous use by request from everyone as soon as it has arrived.   One of the most useful features is the Table which has full anatomy and orthorpaedics clinical and practical advice and diagrams     You can ask to see a hand, shoulder knee, thigh and the table communication with good diagrams and protocols so that everyone has good shared decision and communication and consent which is part of modern health care professional code of ethics

Some many forget what one has explained verbally and Storz Medical has really considered how to inform you the patient on what where with even a pain Visual Analogue Scale for the patient to point out their own pain levels

V Actor Handpiece is Vibration Therapy which feels very comfortable and is very well accepted by everyone.  Storz Medical has greatly the comfortable vibration effects with the fluid in and fluidout flow within the tissue.  The circulation increases locally and the muscular relaxation is enhanced. The treatment can be used as an important part of muscle spasms and relaxation where normal strong hands on technique is too irritable.  This hand piece is in good demand is it seems that be so comfortable and relaxing warming up stiff soar muscles while many begin to fall asleep   Storz Medical has made this new model even more comfortable than the older versions  As it is massage vibration only is it safe   Helen uses this safe V actor massage hand piece much more than the shockwave therapy which is only for certain chronic conditions   Otherwise it may be hands on myofascial release, articulation  exercises and vibrotherapy



Read more about Storz Medical AG and the history here




Treatment Effects of Shockwave Therapy 

Shockwave Therapy is part of an assessment, and rehabilitation program of the MKS treatments provided by Sports Physicians, Consultants, Phsiotherapist, Osteopaths or others involved in rehabilitation   Perhaps one of the useful effects of the shockwave is the reduction in muscle tensions, (taut bands) and relaxation which means that your exercises and rehabilitation are more comfortable and effective   One has to attend as many different conferences as possible to learn about quality rehabilitation.  Seeing a Doctor and or a Consultant for an appropriate diagnosis by for any medical condition is essential this may mean a diagnosis ultra sound or an MRI  It maybe that there is some other underlying medical condition which is not appropriate for treatment with shockwave therapy 








Please read the Contraindications of shockwave Therapy



Please read possible, temporary side effects of shockwave therapy  remember that may be another underlying medical condition which has not been assessed by a Medical Practitioner