There are two types of shockwaves The true shockwave Focus shockwaves and Radial Pressure waves

Radial Pressure waves are generated by means of a projectile located within a tube and accleraated by compressed air, causing it to strike an impact plate that acts as a transmitter.This transmitter introduces the pressure waves into the body tissue.  Unlike extracorporeal shockwaves, pressure waves are not generated in water.

Physically speaking, there is only one type of shockwave, namely the type that can be focused.  In strict physical terms, radial shockwave are actually pressure waves Hence they should be referred to as radial pressure waves.



Generally speaking the following major differences apply shock waves achieve greater penetration depths than pressure waves and a higher energy density in deep tissue layers

It is important to know that this Paper on the Biological Mechanisms of shockwave in Bone is the REAL SHOCKWAVES Here is an excellent video by Vennhealthcare on the difference between Focused and Radial Shockwaves















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Mittermayr(2021)- fSWT in Bone Repair Review

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