There are many reasons for stress fractures in the lower limb which should be read and studied and this is not going to be gone into on this case study


This track and field athlete was in training and only felt an ache in his left foot, This is nothing unusual when training so regularly, as there are many aches and pains that develop in the foot. Often tendon pain is common So the athletes will often put the stone to being tendon pain. In this case we were treating him for another reason with the focus shockwave, so one applied 0.02mj/mm Of focused shockwave however this caused him considerable pain so we urgently referred him to the foot surgeon. The foot surgeon immediately arranged an MRI scan and here is the MRI scan.

Here International  800 mTrack and Field Athlete with full valid consent

Felt a slight increasing ache in foot

The FOCUS SHOCKWAVES causes an increase in sensory perception feedback which can indicate a potential pathology such as a boney stress reaction

In this case 0.02 mj/mms caused a spike of sensory  feedback pain from the Focus Shockwaves using the Long Stand

This immediately alerted RED FLAGS on STRESS FRACTURES in Athletes and Runners



The Athlete was immediately referred to a foot surgeon As this was during lockdown, the athlete immediately stopped training and he had to sessions of focus shockwave and EMTT before he saw the foot surgeon. The foot surgeon was able to confirm that this was a medial Tibial Stress fracture Which was healing and therefore would not need surgery. The foot surgeon returned him for further focus shockwaves The foot surgeon himself has shockwaves for his patient population.

Alkhawashki(2015)- SWT for Fracture Non-Union.

Haffner(2016)- SWT for Tibial Non-Union

Moretti(2009)- SWT in Rx of Stress Fractures          Elster(2010)- SWT for Tibial Non-Union



Health care professionals should always be for the alert and learning as much as possible and stress fractures. Here is one the many excellent course online by physio tutors

Clink here for the LINK

NoSurgery required

Here is another stress fracture caused by change of training due to running on hard surfaces during lockdown when the gyms are closed. Here One phoned up the GP as there was the suspicion of Lower limb stress fracture, with a risk of non-union fracture this has to have a urgent referral which was by the GP to the x-ray department The GP carefully insured extremely good care with the foot fracture clinic so here you can see the bone is accelerated healing using the focus shockwave and EMTT. The athlete has made a full recovery and is back in training, Recovery, and discharged from the foot fracture clinic no surgery required.

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