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Do you know the difference between Focus and Radial shockwaves?

Radial is the more common shockwave which is commonly used in many MKS Clinics

However most of the excellent outcomes are due to the combination of Focus and Radial Shockwaves 

Here is an example of Focused Shockwaves on an elite Track and Field Athlete with his full valid consent




However in order that the natural boosting of the cells by the shockwaves either in this case the focused shockwaves to be safe and effective it is important that these stress fractures which are red flags are caught early enough with early intervention in order for these focus shockwaves to be affecting.

This is complementary to a multidisciplinary team including consultant, radiologists and you need to have a thorough extensive knowledge of rehabilitation. So here is one of the courses that Helen recommends which is online by physio tutors and Beony Mathews






For shockwaves are complimentary to subjective and objective detailed case history taking which should be extensive and may require an urgent referral to the GP, a consultant, imaging such as MRI scan, or diagnostic ultrasound.


There are many occasions when Helen has had to carefully ask if someone can afford the private course of an MRI scan, this is because many of the injuries such as stress fractures can masquerade as tendon injury, early diagnosis of stress fractures which is considered a red flag which means that practitioner who is using the shockwaves should be an advanced experienced clinician.


There are many online courses, and this is only one example which Helen thoroughly recommends because Ben has also been using shockwaves now for over eight years.this excellent course with with PhysioTutors Here is the link 

So what are shockwaves ? click here for link



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