Low Back pain has become an increasing disabling condition which regularly affects most of the population from time to time. However, there is no doubt that the age of the computer and the requirement to use a computer in our work station and at home has increased the amount of prolonged sitting in static positions and this over long-term has had concerning effect on our delicate lumbar joint facets and our discs and vertebrae.



The different sites for Herniated Discs 

Prevention Prevention Prevention

Get up and take the pressures off your back by standing and walking more



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If you look at the diagram or referred pain patterns, this is in fact caused by inflammations of the lumbar joint disc facets. These are very small, delicate structures which are not protected particularly well when we are sitting for long periods of time.  This is why, we are encouraged by occupational health and risk assessment to try and keep moving rather than sitting for long periods as these are small and delicate are unable to sustain the long periods of sitting with forward and backward frictional impact movements for many years







By the time we realised we have developed chronic disabling low back pain, these joints may have come incredibly inflamed and in fact one resorts to corticosteroid injections into the lumbar joint facets of the discs as indicated in the article. The problem is these corticosteroid injections are not long lasting and must continue to protect the joint facet of further inflammatory frictional reactions.

Management is therefore to increase the amount of walking, standing activities, avoid increasing collections and extension twisting solicitations to allow the settling of the inflammations to reduce. The problem is it can take up to 6 months to a year for the inflammations to reduce, so prevention is much easier long term recovery process


There has never been so much prolonged sitting in our history of human life and therefore we are completely unaware of how potentially permanently disabling this chronic inflammation lumbar discs joint facets because, unfortunately, these inflammations also will create our back muscles to become highly irritable and lock-up in severe low back spasms. Which definitely then require stronger pain relief.
I hope you find this paper interest and useful and I hope that this will encourage you to look after joint facets and low back. This includes managing one’s weight, finding more gentle movements, avoiding lifting heavy weights, working to control good posture and looking at how use it and move at your .workplace

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