For those that have been reading in the media about the use of PRP injections when treating problems with Achillies Tendons in London however the Evidence is coming out more and more in favour of Shockwave Therapy combined with exercises and good quality rehabilitation

There has been a great deal of research on PRP injections as they thought this was going to be the answer to all the many complicated sports injuries and in fact there were some instances when world-class athletes had reported it had helped their knee joints.   After extensive research you can read the outcome and it looks as though PRP is merely rather an expensive product and is definitely not as useful as quality exercise and indeed shockwave therapy is still continuing to bring in more evidence-based papers  It has been hoped that PRP was be more beneficial as further research continues by excellent teams here in the UK that injections would be useful for Tendon Problems


It looks as though PRP major use is reducing some of the pain in a chronic tendon. This of course would be useful as it enables the evidence-based exercises which have been proven in research to be more comfortable and therefore it is likely that the exercises are completed





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Is slide from the current challenges and tendinopathies in a recent conference held in London.  It looks as though many of the injections which we thought might have been useful are proving much less beneficial than expected




















Here are the Risk Factors of Rupture with Steroid Injection of Plantar Fasciitis 




NICE Loading Tendons with the use of Dry Needling or Shockwave Therapy Treatment is safer than the risks of the injections