Achilles Tendinopathy with a prudent gentle exercises combined with shockwave therapy to stimulate the healing of the muscles and tendons continues to increase and heel raises loading

This tendon comprises of long collagen fibre bundles each bundle is cloaked by fine fascial sleeves for better gliding capacity. There are also elastic fibres, connective tissues but the problem is when Achilles tendon while it does not have its own the sheath it lies in the rather loose envelope of connective tissue. When the Achilles tendon is happy and healthy it has a high degree of stability and elasticity. Our happy healthy tendon are pre-tensioned like elastic rubber bands and in fact function like a catapult.

The elastic properties of a kangaroo tendon for example allow the animals to jump very far, much further than can be explained purely by the contract till force of the contractile elements of their legs.

It is no wonder that when our Achilles tendons become older and in fact they get stiff and sore and deteriorate we begin to lose our ability to walk comfortably run and jump.

In fact the Achilles tendon can struggle to heal properly and this can cause the Achilles tendon to sometimes spontaneously rupture even though we don’t feel much pain. Tendons have produced endless research because so many of our athletes depend on healthy tendons.

But all of us will know someone who is also his Achilles tendon has suddenly snap and one has to have either surgery or a boot and the process of rehabilitation takes six months to a year






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This is one of the outstanding lecture presentations on Achilles tendon management.

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The shockwave therapy is used activate various biological cells and therefore the various exercises are more effective shockwave therapy also reduces the pain which means that the exercises are more comfortable

Do not do these exercises if you have severe tendon pain before you have seen a sports physician or your GP it is important to know that Achilles tendon have failed to repair properly and can rupture spontaneously.

This is only the tip of the iceberg in understanding tendon  health care.  Each person requires their own exercise and shockwave therapy is useful to reduce pain and increase tissue healing  If one is a runner or sports person it is essential to include biomechanics

Running gait analysis, comfy quality running shoes, orthotics, and the rehabilitation process has to be extremely well monitored there are many forms of exercise such as running and jumping which will in fact cause the tendon to fail to repair properly. The healing of a tendon requires good careful monitoring AND THE EXERCISES SHOULD BE RELATIVELY PAIN FREE