A group of us were kindly taken out to Storz Medical AG Switzerland  on Tuesday 5th June by VennHealthCare  associated with Storz Medical Shockwave Therapy  Shockwave Therapy is used widely in hospitals for Kidney Stones and 30 years later development research and production continues as shockwave therapy can be used as part of other medical management both in the Hospitals and in clinics












Here is a link to the VennCare Shockwave Therapy Community with Shockwave Therapy Success Stories which is useful to read 




Shockwave Therapy is only part of the rehabilitation  Exercise Prescription Assessment and attending your GP or Consultant or Hospital for Medical investigations and imaging is essential as Shockwave Therapy is often used in the Hospital Clinical complete with Diagnostic Ultra Sound or MRI in Europe.  In Germany the Orthopeadic Surgeons and the Sports Consultants are all trained in Diagnostic Ultra Sound which is important if possible before have any quality rehabilitation for an MKS condition