Sports Massage  and muscle recovery from streuous or repetitive activities as Osteopaths are trained from their first day in the skills of hands of palpation apart of case history clinical assessment diagnosis and communication with health care professionals Sports massage is hard work and normally one uses hands and elbows.

Over the years there is much more repetitive occupation risks and so Helen now uses her hands on principles like all Osteopaths with the V-Actor more the stiff muscle syndrome otherwise she still uses cranial osteopathy, myofascial release and other osteopathic principles  Her elite athletes if they have an highly strenuous training period or busy schedules of competitions often prefer the use of the V-Actor Hand piece shich has two different sizes of Transimitters

The V- 40 the wider V- transmitters is ideally suited for sports massage for  strong tight muscles as the hands on techniques are often more painful than vibration muscles massage recovery from strenuous training schedules and events  Helen has looked over elite athletes for over 30 years now and these days her elite athletes request the V- Actor as it increases and warms up the muscle soft tissues more effectively and allows Helen to give a full hour s Muscle Recovery treatment without getting tired and causing hand and wrist early wear and tear and tendinopathies and Osteoathritis



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There are different forms of Sports Massage or Deep Tissue Massage


The V actor has town different heads one wider the V-Actor 40 which is the most popular and feels more gentle that a deep sports massage using elbows and strong hands on sports massage







There are many of types of massage which should be suitable for each individual, some prefer the very gentle cranial osteopathy as taught by the European School of osteopathy and others, or there is myofascial release and now sports massage. The more training and work done in the gym or running creates is very tight hard muscles and it is very important to increase the circulation locally and get the muscles to relax to improve the drainage and remove as much of the buildup of lactic acid and also provide better oxygenation to local tissues.





Sensitive Sports Massage for tender muscles ligaments and joints 













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Edinburgh Osteopath Helen How has over twenty-eight years experience of treating patients at the How Osteopathic Clinic (Trinity Edinburgh). Registered Osteopath Helen combines the latest advances in osteopathy with a gentle patient-centred approach to diagnosis and treatment ensuring that osteopathic treatment at the How Clinic is suitable for a wide-range of conditions including; back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, knee conditions Helen uses Video Clips exercises educational information and outcome which is sent to your computer smartphone or iphone if you wish Treatment at the How Osteopathic Clinic is tailored to the individual and where necessary uses a combination of osteopathic techniques including, Traditional Osteopathy, Cranial Osteopathy, Electrotherapy, Vibrotherapy and Sports Remedial Massage. The holistic approach to osteopathy at the How Osteopathic Clinic, in addition to a full one hour treatment sessions, is designed to alleviate symptoms rapidly and can often significantly reduce the number of osteopathic treatments required. One of the few Osteopaths in Edinburgh and in Britain who uses the unique, gentle fleximatic vibrotherapy or shockwave therapy massage equipment combined with traditional osteopathic techniques in order to to find, feel and palpate those hard fibrotic bands of muscles which accumulate over the years of prolonged sitting, Helen has attended conferences held throughout the country; Helen has been using Shockwave Therapy for over 3 years now for Patella Tendons , Achilles Tendons Plantar Fasciitis and Tendon pain Hips, Upper Proximal Hamstring tendinopathy along with rehabilitation loading Contact Helen How, Registered Osteopath, 14 Craighall Gardens, Edinburgh EH6 4RJ To make an appointment contact Helen on 131 551 1044 or Text /Call 07889304762