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The Costs of Shock Wave Treatment For Chronic Conditions such as Plantar Fascitis

Shock wave treatment has been developed for conditions such as plantar fasciitis – shoulder rotator cuff – tennis elbow –Achilles tendonpathy – acupuncture shock-wave therapy – trigger point treatment – hip pain associated with tendons – iliotibial band pain – low back muscular pain from tight muscles – shoulder pain associated with rotator cuff and biceps tendon. Tennis and golfers elbow trochanteric bursitis


MRI SCAN Near Edinburgh for £199.00

MRI Scans are superb for diagnostic purposes although the scanners really need to be used for detecting the serious  medical conditions but an MRI scan is very useful for back , neck, shoulder knees hips, pelvic pain and I am ...

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Neck Pain Symptoms which travel down your arm.

Neck pain symptoms  vary considerably including the level of pain and where the pain goes  – like into your head causing headaches or feeling out of  sorts, or down your arm and in this particular case history presentation   ...



  Everyone knows about MRI scans there is now a massive demand for an MRI scan which cannot be meet with the aging population   For this reason one is not longer able to arrange MRI scans of the spine but only of the knee hip and ...


Chronic Back Pain Management :- Part 1

Helen How, Registered Osteopath, 14 Craighall Gardens, Edinburgh EH6 4RJ O131 551 1044  £35.00 for one hour – £20.00 for simple follow up conditions  Helen has an Enhanced Disclosure Certificate  June 2012. MRI SCANS CAN BE ...

Back Pain – Sciatica Affordable self funding MRI for £199 – Alliance Medical

Back Pain - Sciatica Affordable self funding MRI for £199 - Alliance Medical