Foot Pain is a challenging for all health care professionals and one of the common causes can be achilles tendon.  A good assessment of Foot Pain is essential part of knowledge, and as an achilles tendon injury is common every foot pain assessment will include checking for achilles tendon pain



Limping Severe Achilles Tendon Pain in 59 year in Runner

He has been running for over 30 years including many marathons and over the years he had a re occurring achilles tendinopathy which he managed with good exercises stretches and massage unless 3 years ago which nothing was helping him  Only 35% of Achilles tendiniopathies occur in the sporting population   This runner had been limping for 18 months from his soar achilles tendinopathy  He came to try Shockwave Therapy





This slide is courtesy of Dr Lorenzo Masci  2017










Achilles Tendon Pain

One of the causes of foot pain is an achilles tendon injury.  The Achilles Tendon can get painful and stiff especially when you get up in the morning  It is more common in the non sporting population





Good Clinical Practice is filling in the VISA Achilles Questionnaire 

It is easy to fill in on your computer or smart device

1. For how many minutes do you have stiffness in the Achilles on first getting up.


                                                  2.  Do you have pain walking downstairs with a normal gait (walking step)




Interesting Lecture Slides from recent Conference on Tendinopathies

























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