The Achilles Tendon and Patella Tendon still remain challenging to manage and heal in particular for the Professional Sports   With Valid Consent Morag had been diagnosed with severe patella tendinosis after years of successful running and she had been told that her running career was now over.  She tried two ultra sound guided injections which did not improve her painful limping patella tendinpathy in fact her knee felt hot and irritable

Morag was coming to terms with the fact that she would not be able to compete again however she found Helen by chance doing her research on the internet and Helen having attended the courses in rehabilitation of the Patella and had been using the shockwave therapy on patella tendinpathy for more than 4 years as able to reassure Morag   Morag started treatment in May 2018   and the photo of her on the podium was taken March 2019




Severe Patella Tendinosis with neovascularisation  (irregular new vessel formation shows up red on this ultra sound image)







Achilles Tendinopathy