To understand the clinical reasoning for Diagnosis in Shoulder Problems is much more complicated that most of realise and partically because clinical research



Here is one of the Recent Papers on why often one is referred to have physiotherapy rehabilitation rather than Surgery in the older age group which is frustrating as the older age group is more likely to have degenerative Rotator Cuff Tears   so here is the link for you to read by on What Works What does Not and What is Coming 






The Diagnosis of the Shoulder has more confusion and many pitfalls as the so calll special tests are not so special eithr so how confusing it that for all of us 





If you have not had an x ray from your GP or Diagnostic Ultra Sound on your Rotator Cuff Tendons  Helen can arrange to refer you onwards although it is preferable for arrangements with your General Practitioner

If you have Private Medical Insurance Helen uses HealthCode 

Health Code has been set up to bring together all the different invoices from the different Private Health Insurance Companies in one interface which is much more efficient than logining into all the different healthcare websites

For HealthCode all you need it your MemberShip Number  and your Authorisation Number   Each treatment session can be login encrypted and securely





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