Helen has been practising Osteopathy now for over 21 years here in Edinburgh. She has three grown up children and has worked with babies, children and families now for over 25 years, using cranial osteopathy, traditional Osteopathy, and electrotherapy.

She has for all these years always kept her fees at an affordable level by keeping her over heads at a comfortable level and yet has invested in good quality massage equipment and electrotherapy.

There is no need for manipulation if one uses the fleximatic massage equipment combined with electrotherapy as many of her clients do not like manipulation. Other clients find the fleximatic looses off the vertebral joints so the the manipulation is less forceful but effective

Cranial Osteopathy is particularly safe  useful for the young and elderly.


Helen having looked after some extremely distressed babies finds managing a distressed baby more comfortable by sitting on a big swiss ball and though bouncing and rocking the baby during the very gentle cranial session the baby relaxes more comfortably.

Helen How
Registered Osteopath
14 Craighall Gardens

0131 551 1044

£35 for all inclusive hour
£35 for follow up or simple condition £20.00


How  Clinic Edinburgh Osteopath



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