Shockwave therapy does not work alone,The reason that it is considered that shockwave therapy might work alone was when they were researching how shockwave therapy might help muscular skeletal conditions. It was more straightforward for the protocols to select a certain number of pulses and use the pulses over the tissues and wait measure the outcome.  Shockwave therapy is better described in the handout which has kindly been sent to me by Beony Mathews  physiotherapist, who lectures on shockwave therapy and evidence-based exercises.  You will see I have added in a few of the certificates, where he has been lecturing up here in Scotland and elsewhere in the United Kingdom   With the increasing use of shockwave therapy as part of the many of the different approaches available for treating musculoskeletal conditions. One now has a large number of available information about shockwave therapy, which one adds to the link, one uses with exercises, video clips, educational information.

If you want your shockwave therapy to be a good outcome. It must be seen as an adjunct to the whole treatment approach you have chosen, which should include a whole rehabilitation exercise protocol designed specifically after diagnosis in case history taking of your specific condition.  One has to have the ability to offer a large amount of educational information and exercise prescription in order there is a comfortable outcome.Increasingly, one must provide a large number of educational approaches and informational packages which is suitable for the individual.






Low Back Spinal Pain using Focus Shockwaves