Helen has now been using shockwave therapy successfully for over five years here in Edinburgh and keeps the prices at an affordable cost because it is important that patients are able to afford to come back to complete their treatment, so some treatment sessions can take up to 6 to 8 for long-term conditions such as proximal hamstring tendinopathy, some long-term chronic Achilles tendinopathy, some of the planter fasciitis is take much longer to treat depending on your age    She strongly believes that shockwave therapy should be kept to a reasonable affordable cost so that one can return for maintenance treatment which is important for her athletes and for all the rest of us As you can read Helen recently attended a conference in London and shockwave continues to be part of NICE

Helen has the only Focus Shockwave Therapy Duolith in Scotland  The Focus Shockwave Therapy is extremely useful for chronic tendinopathies such as Tennis Elbow, Achilles Tendinopathy and Helen is delighted with having excellent success with chronic back stiffness and spasms    You can read the indications for Focus Shockwave Therapy by scrolling down the page as this is a wider range than one would expect Shockwave Therapy is always to be used as an adjunct to good quality continual professional courses which provide evidence based rehabilitation and management








The Prestigious Italian Clinic J Medical Puts its Trust in Shock Waves from Storz Medical




Interview with Dr Martin Rhingetson Orthorpaedic Specialist  who has been using shock wave therapy since 1998





Photos from our Visit to Storz Medical Switzerland where we had a brilliant time learning on the use of Shockwaves in both Hospitals and Clinics






Focus Shockwave Therapy should be used as the ideal part of radial pressure waves.  Helen has both Radial and Focus Shockwave Therapy   Focus shockwave is more like a laser and can Focus Shockwave penetrate deeper than the radial whichis more superficial and spreads throughout the muscles or tendons.  The Focus feels much more like a gentle tick and is less noisy but as it goes deeper it is more effective on the bigger muscles and goes deeper into the low back muscles to the Lumbar Joint Facets.   Already several of Helen`s patients has not required a spinal injection into their spinal region as the Focus has been sufficiently effective for them to cancel their appointments for spinal injections 



To use Focus and Radial Shockwave Therapy effectively it is important to attend Conferences by world Class researchers in all aspects of rehabilitation such as lower limb Tendinopathy by Dr Peter Malliaras