Painful muscles ligaments, and tendons.Why are so they difficult to treat!

Chronic painful tendons and ligaments are miles more difficult for any practitioners would dare to admit.  They frustrating refuse to heal and require immense hours of committed , dedicated , cherishing , care and comforting!

Professor Hakan Alfredson has been lecturing throughout the world, with endless research so I am off to Arsenal to find out what new treatment methods have been considered for chronic painful achilles tendons.  The last time I listened to Professor Alfredson over 10 years ago.  The problem is tendons need rest to recover but who can rest a tendon because all the other muscles waste and atrophy as we all get very frustrated and bored waiting for the tendon to heal

If one attends any of the Sports and Exercise Medicine Conferences held by Premier League Football Clubs such as Manchester United, Arsenal Chelsea and others you will see that the new generation of equipment is hugely superior to any of the equipment which is available to in normal gyms or Sports Clinics

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